Field Actions Science Reports Special n° 20 2019 : Urban Agriculture : Another Way to Feed Cities

Sous la direction de Mathilde Martin-Moreau et David Ménascé :

Sommaire :

Pierre Marc Johnson


Nicolas Renard


1. New agricultural purposes in the city

Mathilde Martin-Moreau and David Menascé

New agricultural purposes in the city

Nicolas Bricas and Damien Conaré

Historical perspectives on the ties between cities and food

Makiko Taguchi and Guido Santini

Urban agriculture in the Global North & South: a perspective from FAO

Stephan Pauleit, Didit Okta Pribadi and Hany Abo El Wafa

Peri-urban agriculture: lessons learnt from Jakarta and Addis Ababa

Alexandra Rodríguez Dueñas

How the municipality of Quito supports vulnerable city dwellers through urban agriculture

Marielle Dubbeling, René van Veenhuizen and Jess Halliday

Urban agriculture as a climate change and disaster risk reduction strategy

Marjorie Tendero and Carola Guyot Phung

The revival of urban agriculture: an opportunity for the composting stream

Anthony Bechu and Clémence Bechu

Using architecture to reconnect cities with nature

2. The plurality of urban agriculture models

Mathilde Martin-Moreau and David Menascé

The plurality of urban agriculture models

Martin Stuchtey and Tilmann Vahle

Urban agriculture: boon or bust?

Dickson Despommier

Vertical farms, building a viable indoor farming model for cities

Charles Hervé-Gruyer

Permaculture and bio-intensive micro-agriculture: the Bec Hellouin farm model

Steven Beckers

Aquaponics: a positive impact circular economy approach TO feeding cities

Thomas Hofmann

Recirculating aquaculture system-based salmon farming

Claudia Visoni and Gustavo Nagib

Reappropriating urban space through community gardens in Brazil

3. The challenges of deploying urban agriculture

Mathilde Martin-Moreau and David Menascé

The challenges of deploying urban agriculture

Loïc Couttelle

Deploying urban agriculture solutions:a new offer for regions?

Bjorn Low

Building sustainable urban farms with government support in Singapore

Sokha Hin and Joanne Schanté

Replicating positive-impact projects: the Open Team platform

Christine Aubry and Nastaran Manouchehri

Urban agriculture and health: assessing risks and overseeing practices

Guillaume Fourdinier

New technologies in support of urban agriculture

Florian Cointet, Marie Garnier and Flavien Sollet

Promoting access to produce sourced from urban agriculture: the case of Metro and Infarm

Facts Reports Special Issue 20 | Urban Agriculture: Another Way to Feed Cities :

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